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Kota Kinabalu Sightseeing Tour
(BR-01) - 3 hrs

Kota Kinabalu, formerly known as Jesselton, the Capital City of Sabah (The Land Below The Wind) was completely destroyed during World War II and has since rebuilt to a modernized city as it is today.

Visit some of the most prominent landmarks in the city like the Sabah Foundation Building, Chinese Buddhist Temple, Signal Hill Observatory Pavilion, Sabah State Museum and the State Mosque.

*Noted: State Museum closed on Fridays*

Includes: Transportation, Entrance Fee & Guide.
Excludes: Video/ Camera Fee & Item not stated.
Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring Tour
(BR-02) - Full Day

Designated as Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Kinabalu Park covers a staggering area of Blessed with astonishing variety of flora and fauna, this is a botanical paradise that should not be missed.

Poring Hot Spring - situated 40km away from Kinabalu Park, is simply amazing with its natural spring where hot sulphurous water emits from the ground and the Canopy Walk which offers a bird’s eye-view over the oldest rainforest in the world.

Includes: Transportation, Entrance Fees, Lunch & Guide.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
North Borneo Steam Train
(BR-03) - 6 hrs

Experience the unforgettable ride on board one of the only few functional steam locomotive left in the world.

Originally a British Vulcan steam locomotive, the ride brings a unique experience of sights and sounds of the Borneo landscape on board a vintage colonial-style train carriage.

Includes: Transportation, Continental Breakfast & Tiffin Lunch.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Mari-Mari Cultural Village
(BR-04) - 4 Hours

A short 30-minutes drives away from the city along the countryside greenery overlooking the great blue skies will take you to Mari-Mari Cultural Village. Upon arrival, be ushered in to the warmth of different homes of 5 different ethnics in Sabah to get acquainted with each tribe and experience their rich culture.

Witness the demonstration of some old time activities come to live such as the bamboo cooking, fire-starting without matches, vest making using tree barks or maybe try out the “Lansaran”- a built-in traditional trampoline-like floor. Enjoy the cultural dance performance and enjoy a delectable traditional meal at the end of the visit.

Includes: Transportation, Entrance Fee, Guide & Lunch/High-Tea/Dinner.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
(BR-05) - 5 hrs

Covers approximately 280 acres of land which includes the Botanical Site and Zoological Site, the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is run by Sabah Wildlife Park under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment.

With its family-oriented concept, this park features some exotic and endangered species in Borneo such as the Sumatran rhinoceros, the Borneo Pygmy elephant, the Malayan tiger, the Proboscis monkey, the Orang Utan and myriad species of birds in the aviary. Catch a glimpse of the famous pitcher plant (Nepenthes sp) in the Herbal and Ginger Garden or perhaps a chance to encounter some rare plant species up close on the Botanical side.

Includes: Transportation, Entrance Fee & Guide.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Cultural Exchange Visit
(BR-06) - 4 hrs

Visit Borneo’s legendary head hunter – Monsopiad, descendant’s house and be enthralled by the mysteries of Kadazan ancient folklore and see the massive monolith which Monsopiad used some three hundred years ago as a place to bring the head that he has just taken to be dried up.

Main highlight of this visit is the House of Skulls where the 42 skulls of the warrior’s adversaries are kept. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the famous local wine made from rice, hence called the ‘Rice Wine’ or fondly known as the ‘Lihing’ amongst the local.

Includes: Transportation, Entrance Fee, Welcome Drink & Guide.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Borneo Kellybays
(BR-07) - 6 hrs

Get on board on a uniquely designed “Floating Hut” and ferries across the mangrove river and enjoy the sounds of nature’s wonder.

Have fun in learning the art of batik painting, take part in the fun-filling blow pipe activity, crab catching or perhaps just get thrilling with water sport activities like kayak, banana boat, bamboo rafting, water tricycle.

Includes: Transportation, Entrance Fee, Water sports, Lunch & Guide.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Twin Island Hopping
(BR-08) - 8 hrs

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park comprises a cluster of islands namely Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. These five island is characterized by its quiet sandy beaches washes by aquamarine sea and diverse marine life with its colorful coral reefs.

Choose between Manukan, Sapi & Mamutik islands – All islands are beautifully blessed with its white sandy beaches and myriads of marine life. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear water or simply bask under the shady trees at your own pace.

Includes: Transportation, Boat Transfer, Entrance Fee, Mask & Snorkel Set, Life Jacket.
Excludes: Ranger Fee and items not mentioned.
Klias Rivercruise Safari
(BR-09) - 8 hrs

The elusive Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) is an endangered species and can only be found in the island Borneo. Their named have been derived from their long pendulous nose characteristic. Handsomely coated with reddish-brown fur and creamy chest, this creature is sure a beautiful sight to encounter in their nature habitat. Cruising along the riverine also offer the chances of sighting other wildlife such as the Long-tailed macaques, the Silver Langur monkey and a variety species of birds.

Capture the unforgettable memory and witness the glistening light of the fire flies when the darkest twilight falls, as if Christmas in summer time.

Includes: Guide, Transportation, Boat Ride, Tea Break & Dinner.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Mantanani Island
(BR-10) - Full Day

Mantanani Island comprises of a group of three islands that boast blue crystal clear aquamarine filled with a myriad of marine life and white sandy beaches fringed by coconut palm trees, making it an excellent destination for snorkelling or scuba diving. With its picturesque scenery, gentle cool sea breezes and serene surrounding, it is no surprise that Mantanani is very popular amongst local and tourist alike.

After whole day of diving or snorkelling, sit back and feast your sights on the gorgeous layers of orange hues sky penetrating the clouds as the sun sets. In the morning, nothing beats the feels as you sits on the jetty, with your legs dangling over the water, watching the sun rising as gentle breeze caresses your skin and ruffles your hair. On a good weather day, be spellbound by the magnificent view of Mount Kinabalu veiled in chiffon-like clouds and morning mist.

Includes: Return Land & Sea Transport, Lunch, Soft Drinks & Drinking Water, Guide for Mantanani only, Snorkeling/DSD/LD equipment.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Northern Tip Of Borneo & Rungus Long House
(BR-11) - Full Day

The Northern Tip of Borneo, also known as Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, means the ‘lingering junction’ in the local dialect. It is here that the wide open South China Sea lingers and meets the Sulu Sea flowing from the east.

Enjoy the breathtaking views and be fascinated by the long white sandy beach as the waves gently touching the shore when you strolling along. A visit to Bavanggazo Long House thereafter to observe the unique lifestyle, costumes and bead works of the Rungus people. Savour your taste buds on a traditional Rungus lunch before proceed to visit the Gong Making Village and the Honey Bee Farm before head back to the city.

Includes: Guide, Transportation, Entrance Fee & Lunch.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Kiulu Rafting (1st & 2nd Level – Beginner)
(BR-12-1) - 5 hrs

Ride down one of Borneo’s scenic rivers over gentle rapids, gushing through lush greenery of nature and Dusun people’s orchards and villages.

** Compulsory to sign Liability Release Form prior to tour commencement **

Includes: Transportation, Rafting Equipments, Insurance, Lunch & Guide.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Padas Rafting (3rd & 4th Level – Adventures)
(BR-12-2) - Full Day

A whole-day outing consists of hopping on board on a humble locomotive passing through the much admired beautiful scenery of Padas Gorge and enjoy the adrenaline rush of paddling through the ever challenging rapids of Padas River.

** Compulsory to sign Liability Release Form prior to tour commencement **

Includes: Transportation, Rafting Equipments, Insurance, Lunch & Guide.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Mount Kinabalu Climb Express
(BR-13) - 2 Days 1 Night

Day 01 - Upon reaching Kinabalu Park headquarters, register with park authority and meet mountain guide before being transfer to Timpohon Gate where the journey and quest to the summit of Borneo’s highest mountain begins. Overnight at Laban Rata rest house.

Day 02 – Continuation of the journey to the summit - Low’s Peak (4,092.5m) early morning. Enjoy the glorious sunrise basking over the majestic Mount Kinabalu if weather permitted before trekking back to the Kinabalu Park headquarter. Transfer back to city.

Includes: Return Hotel Transfer (Sit-In-Coach), Entrance Fee, Climbing Permit, Climbing Insurance, Mountain Guide, Meals (Packed Lunch/Dinner/Early Supper/Lunch), Certificate & 01 Night Accommodation.
Excludes: Items not mentioned.
Sepilok Orang Utan Centre & Sandakan City Tour
(BR-14) - Full Day

Visit Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre for a closer view of Borneo’s most sought after “Man of The Jungle”- the Orang Utan in their nature habitat. Arrive on time for the daily feeding of the semi wild orang utan and watch them hanging graciously from rope-to-rope towards the platform for the daily supply of milk and fruits.

Continue the journey and visit Sandakan’s most prominent landmarks such as the Puh Jih Syh Chinese Temple, the Central Market and the Sim-Sim Water Village before being transfer back to the airport for flight to Kota Kinabalu. Transfer back to hotel.

Includes: Return Airport Transfer, Entrance Fee, Lunch & Guide
Excludes: Return Airfare, Video/Camera Fee and Item not stated.
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